Unfortunate amount of rehomed dogs being returned post-Christmas

Mon, 25 Jan 2016

Christmas is behind us and the new year is underway. For dog shelters, this unfortunately means that it is prime "puppy dumping" time, as new owners find that their Christmas pooches are more than they can handle.

Choosing to take a dog into your home isn't a choice which shouldn't be taken on a whim. Unfortunately, this happens a lot around Christmas, and rehoming centres find that their caseloads increase, and a lot of dogs who they'd already rehomed are brought back to them.

A dog homing charity trustee, Andrea Newton, has said that she has seen an increasing number of people returning dogs after adopting them, and that some of the 'reasons' for returning them are ridiculous.

"It is vital people… are sure they really are rescue ready, as owning a dog is a privilege, not a right, and it is not for everybody."

She said that some people genuinely have to return dogs that they have re-homed, but over the last six months, she is reported saying that there has been an increase in ridiculous reasons for returning animals. These have included:

  • The dog was boring
  • The dog didn't settle in the 15 miles drive from the kennel to the new home
  • The dog wouldn't go to sleep when they wanted it to
  • A fresh-baked pie was eaten by the dog

This is really unfortunate for the dogs, who, having been in a dog home in the first place, will not have had the best of lives. To finally be able to go to a new home, only to be returned because the owners were not rescue ready, is incredibly sad. However, Andrea added "We take the dog from them because if people have that attitude, we don't want that dog to be with them," but that they do what they can to help make the relationship between the dog and the new owners work.

Owning a dog is an incredibly fulfilling, and giving a new home to a dog which hasn't had the best start in life is more so. Just be ready to make concessions and work with your dog, and the home, to make them a true member of your family.

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