Dog on death row may have a lifeline to the USA

Thu, 03 Mar 2016

A dog has been given a lifeline, after living in a cage for two years on death row, in the custody of Devon and Cornwall Police.

Stella, an American Pitbull has been offered a lifeline which will take her all the way to the USA.

The dog was taken into custody after she was deemed incredibly dangerous. The BBC report that she was used by her owner to threaten two police officers before she was taken into custody, and once there, was a danger to animal behaviour experts, as she kept trying to bite them.

Unfortunately, her aggressive behaviour meant that she was unable to be handled in a way that the police were able to deal with, and so she has rarely, if ever, been taken out for exercise.

Eventually, a destruction order was passed for Stella, who is now sitting on the equivalent of death row for dogs.

A campaign to free the dog has drummed up more than 20,000 signatures across several petitions, and now an animal rescue shelter in Connecticut, USA, have offered an option. "We will take Stella and fly her to the US at our cost. Breed specific legislation is banned in Connecticut.

"Breed specific legislature is wrong and ineffective. In the US, pitbulls are one of the most popular dogs for a family pet."

The animal rescue shelter, Animals R Family may be offering the lifeline that Stella needs to avoid a tragic end to her story, assuming her original owner, Anthony Hastie, doesn't have his appeal of the ruling heard.

Stella is a pitbull, which is a breed with many negative connotations, but in the vast majority of cases, their behavioural problems are a reflection of their upbringing. As Animals R Family said, in the USA, a huge amount of people own pitbulls without incident.

The future of Stella may now depend on the kindness of this overseas animal rescue centre.

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