Dog Blankets Buyers Guide

Dog Blankets

What Should I look for in a Dog Blanket?

Looking after puppies and dogs requires a lot of care and attention and can sometimes be quite challenging. You need to buy some basic items to ensure your dog is comfortable, safe and has their own space. Some of the items will include a dog bed, doghouse, dog gate, playpen and blanket.

Products available for dogs are there to enhance a dog’s life and a blanket is no exception. Therefore, a little thought needs to be given when buying a dog blanket.

Blankets are not there just to keep your dog off the floor or cover the furniture, it provides them with comfort, and they feel secure when they snuggle down into it. Browse the best selling dog blankets below and find out how to choose the right dog blankets for your pooch.

Dog Blankets

How to Choose the Right Blanket for your Dog?

After coming in from the cold what is the first thing you want to do? Snuggle up in a warm blanket. It's no different for your dog. So, instead of giving your pup an old blanket, give them their own special one.

Before choosing any old blanket for your pooch, several factors need to be taken into consideration when making your decision.

Is it Bite Resistant?

Teething puppies especially like to chew on things, so do many adult dogs. Bite or pill-resistant blankets are available, ones that don't shed balls or fluff when chewed on. This is because of the fibres being closely packed together and twisted tightly together.

How durable is it?

Ideally you want a blanket that isn't going to be ripped to shreds and is going to last. This will save you money in the long run.

To find a blanket that is durable you want one that is scratch resistant, has protection from fraying and repels stains. No blanket is totally immune from a dog's sharp teeth and claws but one with heavy-duty seams and good quality stitching may help it last longer.

Is it easy to clean?

Dog blankets need to be cleaned regularly to stop them becoming smelly over time.

Ideally you want a blanket that can either be machine washed and dried or wipeable for times when that will suffice. It is best to avoid blankets that are hand wash or dry clean only.

It is important to try and clean, dry and return the blanket to your dog the same day, so the blanket isn't missed.

Choosing the Right Material

Blankets are mostly made from cotton, flannel, fleece, micro plush,polyester and Sherpa. So, choose a material that is soft and warm, this will ensure your dog is comfortable and cosy.

Living in a colder climate will require a thicker blanket for your dog, choose one made with a Sherpa lining or wool for maximum warmth. A thinner non-bulky blanket will be the best choice if living in a warmer climate.

Heating and Cooling Considerations

For dogs in colder climates or sleeping in a cold room, self-warming dog blankets are available. These blankets have a layer of insulation that captures and reflects the dog's body heat. Therefore, they are safe for your dog as no electricity is involved.

On the other hand, cooling blankets are available to stop your dog from overheating, but still let them snuggle. The materials used for cooling blankets are breathable and are generally cooler to the touch than the more commonly used fabrics.


Choosing the Right Size Blanket

The size of blanket you buy depends on the size of your dog and what their individual habits are.

Large dogs need a blanket that is big enough to cover them and for them to roll around in, if that is what they like to do. Compared to small dogs who need a smaller blanket, however, if the dog likes to dig and fluff, a bigger blanket will be necessary.

Is it Odour Resistant?

Blankets will get a lot of use from your dog and may be prone to becoming odorous due to fur, dirt, slobber and water.

There are some blankets available that don't hold on to odour because of the materials they are made from.

To stop a blanket becoming smelly, it will have to be washed regularly. (See the point above Easy to Clean dog blankets.)

Is it Suitable For Outdoor Use

There are some blankets specifically made for outdoor use. The main differences between outdoor use blankets and regular dog blankets is:

  • a waterproof and non-slip lining on the underside
  • a tear resistant material underneath
  • a bottom that can be wiped clean

The benefits of blankets specifically for outdoor use is that the blanket won't soak through from any damp or moisture on the ground, so protecting your dog.

How Resistant is it to Dog Hair?

Some dogs shed more hair than others and some blankets will attract more hair than others making them harder to clean.

If your dog sheds a lot of hair, go for a blanket made from material like microfibre so that the fur doesn't stick to it. This way the blanket will also protect your furniture from dog hair. Avoid fabrics like fleece, velour and velvet types of throws and blankets as these will attract fur. Other nylon base materials attract dog hair because of the static they generate. Ideally you want to be able to shake the blanket to remove the fur before washing it.

Is the Blanket Reversible?

Also known as double sided blankets, they are great as each side has a different finish, for example, one side may be made of microfibre while the other has Sherpa on it.

As the name suggests, being reversible means that when one side gets dirty you can simply turn it over and start using the other side.

Is it Easy to Store?

When blankets are not in use and are lying around, they can get in the way. To avoid this, find a blanket with a carry case or one that zips up on itself, this makes it easier to put blankets away.

Blankets with a case also makes life easier if your dog travels with you.

Is it Suitable when Travelling?

Travel blankets are a must for dogs who frequently travel in cars or a transported in a crate.

Blankets placed in a crate provides your dog with a comfortable ride. While blankets for car seats prevents damage, keeps them clean and stops your dog from slipping around.

Is the Blanket Waterproof?

A waterproof blanket is a must if you have a puppy or an older dog. The blanket has a special lining to stop any liquid soaking through. This is great for puppies who may have an accident or for older incontinent dogs.

Aside from your dog having an accident, waterproof blankets are good for protecting furniture from dogs that slobber a lot or from dogs jumping on with wet paws.

Other Condiserations

When lounging around, be it on the floor or on the sofa, your dog will want to be comfortable. Therefore, look for a blanket that is made of soft yet durable materials such as faux velvet and Sherpa which your dog will love.