Border Collie Trust (Great Britain)

The Border Collie Trust GB is a charity that specialise in the rescue of Border Collies and Collie crossbreeds, and is situated in Staffordshire.

Purpose built kennels are the base of operations for the work that the Trust does, which includes the rescue of around 400 Collies every year, the re-homing of many dogs, and offering help and advice to Collie owners across the country.

At any one time, the centre has between 30 and 40 dogs on site, and have a waiting list for those needing help.

Each dog, which may have been rescued by the centre from the streets, from owners who cannot look after them anymore, or from other homes who are not specialised enough to deal with Collies, is assessed and a profile is built by the workers at the Border Collie Trust GB.

From this assessment, the right course of action for each individual dog can be taken.

When re-homing a dog, the charity checks the background and lifestyle of prospective adopters so that they can match each dog to the home which will benefit them the most.

Dogs leave the Border Collie Trust microchipped and vaccinated, and with a promise that the dog can return within a few weeks if there is an issue with them in their new home.