Basset Hound

Basset Hound

Basset Hound Dog Facts

Exercise Requirement:
Affection Level:
Fairly affectionate
Not very protective
Grooming Maintenance:
Temperature Preference:
Typical Lifespan:
8-12 years

About the Basset Hound Breed

The Basset Hound has a long, low body and short, stubby legs. It isn't very fast, but it can get through low spaces, such as through dense underbrush, with relative ease. It was originally used in France to aid the peasantry when hunting, as its short legs meant that it could be followed on foot.

The benefit of a Basset Hound is that the short legged low speed is coupled with a large head and muzzle, which means that it has plenty of room for a well formed olfactory centre. It is thought that its long ears help to stir up scents from the ground, and its wrinkly face helps to trap and direct scents towards the nose.

It is a very easy going dog and is very good natured. It is likely going to get along well with other pets and children. It is calm inside the home, but does need to be taken out for regular exercise. It is a slow investigator, and as such will like to follow any scents it picks up and finds intriguing. The strong determination it has to follow any scents to their end can make the Basset Hound prone to becoming lost.

Its fur is generally short and shouldn't pose much issue for grooming and care, although it does tend to drool and its face may need cleaning occasionally. One issue with health is that the Basset Hound's back can get damaged if too much weight is put on them, so any children playing with it must be warned not to put strain on its back.

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