Named for a Dutch duck hunting technique he is seldom seen outside the Netherlands where he is kept as a companion dog. He is a medium sized dog much like a small setter or spaniel in appearance especially with his bushy tail which he uses to lure wild ducks so they can be banded. Cheerful and easy to manage he is affectionate with his owners making him a good hunter’s companion or a delightful family dog. Some historian mentioned the Kooiker as possibly playing a part in the development of the Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever
Dog Size:
Female Height:
14 – 16 inches
Male Weight
20 – 24 lbs
Female Weight:
20 – 24 lbs
White with patches of red
Dog Coat Type:
Moderately long and slightly wavy; feathering on chest, legs and tail
Even tempered, cheerful, intelligent, industrious
With Children:
Not a suitable playmate for children as he is very sensitive and can be touchy at times
With Pets:
Yes, if introduced to when he is young
Special Skills:
Duck hunter’s dog, vermin destroyer and companion dog
Care Info:
Easy to maintain coat. Regular combing or brushing is all that is required to keep his coat neat and clean. Keep ears clean and trim excess hair from pads of his feed. Needs plenty of exercise such as a daily walk, swimming and retrieving
Training Info:
Easy to raise but he is a sensitive dog who needs consistent, firm training with a soft voice
Learning Rate:
Living Environment Info:
Home with a fenced yard is essential as he enjoys running about and playing
Health Issues Info:
Life Span:
12 – 13 Years
Litter Size:
3 – 6
History Info:
The Kooiker has existed in the Netherlands for many years. It was a Kooiker who was credited with saving the life of Prince William of Orange (1626-1650) by foiling an assassination attempt by barking and waking him up in time. In the 1600’s he was painted by Dutch artist Jan Steen and Jan Vermeer. The breed almost became extinct if it wasn’t for Baroness v. Hardenbroek van Ammerstool who work with the breed after World War I

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