Backyard Breeders

Backyard breeders is the term given to a person who operates random or ignorant dog breeding on a small scale. However, there are many excellent breeders that run small-scale programs in their houses, garages, barns, or backyards, so not all backyard breeders should be tarnished with the same reputation.

An ignorant dog breeder can be defined as a person who does not have knowledge of selective breeding techniques and is not familiar with the breed standard of their chosen breed of dog. Such breeders are usually motivated purely by the idea of money, but fail to realise that making a profit is hard to achieve when operating a small scale practice of animal breeding due to the costs associated with health, maintenance and pregnancy care.

Breeders who fail to take these factors into account may look to cut their breeding stock expenses by reducing veterinary care and adequate maintenance. This often results in puppies being born with a range of health problems such as genetic disorders or undisclosed illnesses.

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