Dog teeth care

Dog's teeth care

Dental hygiene is as important for a dog’s teeth, as it is for humans’, and so you need to make sure you brush your pooch’s teeth properly.

No one wants extra vet bills, or a dog with smelly breath!

Although they don’t get cavities in their teeth the same way people do, plaque and tartar build up can still be an issue.

Dog finger brush

A human toothbrush isn’t as good at brushing a dog’s teeth as a specialised dog tooth finger brush. Purchasing one of these will greatly help you out.

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Dog toothpaste

The toothpaste we use is not suitable for a dog, and it can poison them. Dogs can’t rinse their mouths out and spit, so anything you put on their teeth will eventually be swallowed.

You can purchase dog toothpaste, which is better for them, and can even be flavoured to make the whole process more pleasant for them, and if a dog is happy doing something, they will be more happy to do it again next time, making your life easier and their experience more pleasant.

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Brushing a dog’s teeth

Different dogs will need brushing different amounts. This can range from once a day to twice a week, but you should consult with your veterinarian and find out what they recommend.

You should lift your dog’s lips and gently massage the toothpaste into their teeth and gums, following the directions and guidance on the product package.

They may find this uncomfortable at first, but with gentle, repeated instances, you should be able to train your dog to sit through a tooth brushing.

If your dog really doesn’t like it, talk to your vet about alternatives, such as chew sticks which can entertain your dog while simultaneously cleaning them.

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