Spaying and neutering

Spaying and neutering

Spaying and neutering are surgical processes which remove the testicles or ovaries from a dog. Females get spayed and males get neutered. It is a routine procedure with very little risk and can be carried out by most vets.

What is good about spaying and neutering a dog?

One of the main arguments for spaying and neutering is pushed by animal charities and homes across the country. There are thousands and thousands of cats and dogs that do not have homes or owners in shelters, and that is not counting the stray ones which live on the streets.

Overpopulation is a big issue in the animal world, one which owners often don’t see. But there are always people working to improve the lives of animals who didn’t get to become someone’s pet.

Spaying and neutering reduces this issue and makes sure more animals are not born accidentally.

There are other reasons to have the procedure done that are more personal to an owner, however. There are gender differences between dogs, and these should be taken into account when buying a puppy, as some of these traits are negative.

For example, male dogs can be more boisterous and aggressive, whereas female dogs can be grouchy at times and fall out with other (especially other female) dogs. These are only tendencies however, and there will be dogs to which this doesn’t apply.

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Why wouldn’t someone spay or neuter a dog?

Spaying and neutering dogs can help to diminish the negative gender specific tendencies of the animals, but it can be a controversial decision. Spaying and neutering is a largely traditional practice and often isn’t questioned as much as it should be.

Although the surgery prevents breeding and reduces overpopulation, it can also cause some major health issues later in your pets life and even shorten their lifespan.

However, it does help to reduce the risk of mammary and prostate cancer, but the research is hazy about what other diseases the procedure can cause or prevent.

Whether to spay or neuter your own dog

When it comes to spaying and neutering, you need to discuss it with your vet to try and reach the best decision for you and your pet.

Furthermore, it will cost to have the surgery done, and prices will vary so you will have to check this with your vet.