The Dogs Trust

The Dogs Trust is a very old charity which has campaigned for the welfare of dogs since as early as the 1800’s.

They coined the phrase “a dog is for life, not just for Christmas” in order to promote awareness about dogs which get abandoned or neglected as a result of people unthinkingly purchasing them.

With their iconic bright yellow logo and branding, the Dogs Trust has homes for dogs all over the country, and help to re-home and look after dogs that have had unfortunate lives, and promise that they “never put a healthy dog down”.

Through the charity, you can adopt a dog that needs re-homing, or sponsor a dog. Dogs which needs sponsoring are those which will benefit more from living in a sanctuary with less contact with people, possibly because of a past which has made them afraid and untrustworthy of humans.

When you sponsor a dog, you will receive photo and other goodies that connect you with your sponsored dog, as well as updates throughout the year on their progress.

You can, of course, donate directly to the charity to help a dog out, and they have products to sell to help support those dogs in need.