Directory options

Login to directory to get full access to all the features, including claiming listings and making new listings to promote your business

I want to make a new listing

make a new listing by clicking the submit new listing button in the navigation bar under the services tab.

you will be presented with options on what level you want your listing on.

fill out the listing information and click submit new listing at the bottom to submit to the directory

you will then be taken to the directory dashboard where you can manage all your listings.

I want to claim my listing and edit details

After logging into the directory you can claim a listing on the directory. Find the listing you want and click “claim this AD”, you will also be given the option to sent any extra information to the admins to support your claim. This is not mandatory but highly recommended as we will IMMEDIATELY remove any spam.

After you click claim you’ll see your listing in your dashboard. By default all claimed listings will have the status of expired, this gives your the chance to update it before you submit it to the directory.

I want to upgrade my listing to premium

If your want to improve your visibility and get more customers you can upgrade your listing to premium. In the dashboard you’ll see a level status, if you click on it you will be given the option to upgrade to premium. This allows you to display your contact information, upload more images and videos for your business.

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