Dog agility is becoming increasingly popular

Dog agility is becoming an increasingly popular activity for owners keen to keep their pooches fit and healthy.

Bill Lambert, a health and breeder service manager for the Kennel Club – the primary objective of which is to promote the general improvement of dogs – explained this exercise is a form of show-jumping for animals.

Mr Lambert stated: “There has been a great increase in that activity over recent years. What has really hit the headlines on recent occasions is dancing with dogs.”

He noted there are many different activities people can get involved in with their four-legged friends – but claimed it is vital individuals with certain lifestyles only opt for specific breeds.

Families therefore considering buying a pet for Christmas might therefore want to make sure there will always be somebody around to provide the canine with all it needs, be it food or opportunities to exercise.

Mr Lambert pointed out there is fortunately a wide variety of dogs out there, which should mean people are able to select a pooch that best fits in with their lifestyle and schedule.

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