Dog owners should improve oral health of pets

Pet insurance customers should take measures to improve the oral health of their furry friends, as failure to do so could result in high vet bills.

This is according to veterinary surgeon Marc Abraham, who said there are many ways dog owners in particular can ensure their canine’s teeth and gums remain in good condition.

Mr Abraham urged individuals to make the most of free health checks, where they can seek advice about the best ways of looking after their four-legged friends.

In addition, the expert claimed learning the correct way to brush a dog’s teeth will also help – while stressing the importance of avoiding products containing fluoride.

He explained: “Brushing your dog’s teeth and keeping your dog’s teeth clean shouldn’t be a chore. It should be a fun thing that you can share.”

Animal lovers hoping to avoid paying out for costly treatment should also look out for signs of a number of oral conditions, including bleeding gums and increased salivation.

Online resource advises owners to keep track of their dog’s pearly whites on a regular basis, while increasing their awareness of signs that could cause a problem.

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