Dog owners fork out on stairlift for pooches

A couple from West Yorkshire have splashed out on a £1,500 stairlift for their three dogs.

Sheila and Harry Lee became concerned about their dachshunds – named Millie, Pippa and Heidi – after realising they struggled to tackle the stairs in their home, so invested in the equipment to make life easier for them.

Six-year-old Pippa has problems and needed a £5,000 operation on her spine, so the husband and wife also bought the stairlift to save the pooch from more pain and prevent the other dogs from developing a similar condition.

Ms Lee claimed the company who sold them the stairlift rang up a few weeks ago to see how they were getting on with it and were “flabbergasted” to find out it was for the dogs.

She said: “I bet they thought I’d lost my marbles. But dachshunds often develop back problems and they were struggling to get up the steep steps into our dormer bedroom, which is where they’ve always slept.”

The couple trained the dogs to use the stairlift by giving them treats every time they sat on it correctly.

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