Dog could be oldest homeless hound in Scotland

A 17-year-old terrier called Benji could be the oldest needing to be rehomed in Scotland.

Dogs Trust West Calder are trying to find a new loving owner for the canine, as well as one of its buddies – a 15-year-old Staffordshire Bull Terrier called Kass.

Both are in excellent condition and are looking for a family to see them through their golden years.

Benji likes long walks and adores human company, while Kass is an adorable, sweet natured dog that likes to have lots of people around her, but isn’t a fan of fellow dogs.

Dogs Trust West Calder rehoming centre manager Susan Tonner commented: “In many case these dogs, like Benji and Kass have had comfortable loving homes all of their lives and have suddenly, due perhaps to an owner’s illness, found themselves in kennels.”

Anyone looking to take in either of these golden oldies should contact the centre on 01506 873459, or go in person and visit at Bentyhead, West Calder, EH55 8LE.

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