Doggy duo looking for owners

A pair of dogs that have fallen in love in Bridgend, south Wales, are looking for a new owner together.

Staff at the Dogs Trust facility in the town said that Sebastian and Meg were handed in separately, but have now established a bond so strong that they cannot be kept apart.

While this is unbelievably cute, it presents something of a headache for staff who now need to rehome the pair because of the problems it may cause to separate them.

Dogs Trust carers said the two enjoy walks together and they often rub each other’s faces and paw each other for reassurance. While it is not unusual for canines to establish bonds together, most relationships are created early in life, but Meg is six and this is relatively late to create such a strong friendship.

Beverly Price, manager of the Bridgend facility, said: “During the past 20 years at the rehoming centre I have never seen such a strong bond between two dogs. It is heartwarming to see how Sebastian has changed since Meg came into his life.”

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