Dog caught stealing canine treats

When dog treats started going missing in a shop in South Carolina, the owner did not expect the thief to be of the canine variety.

Cato the husky, who lives in Clinton, South Carolina with his owner, has been caught stealing dog treats on CCTV, according to Fox Carolina.

Holly Darden, Cato’s owner, said that she was taking him for a walk and he escaped from the lead.

Cato couldn’t get the automatic shop doors to open on his own, so he had to wait for passing customers to come by and sneak in with them.

Anastasia Polson, the store manager, said: “We didn’t know it happened because he just snuck in with the customers.”

Polson said that pig ears, beef bones, dog food and treats off the shelf had been stolen, and she then watched the store’s CCTV footage to determine the identity of the thief.

Ms Darden said in Cato’s defence: “Look at him, he’s fat. Yes! I feed him. There’s food in there. There’s treats in there.”

Cato reportedly buried the treats in the ground once he had acquired them from the store.

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