Manchester dogs homes reaching capacity

The abandonment of dogs in Manchester has become so prevalent that many rescue homes are reaching capacity and many pets facing being put down.

Rochdale Dog Rescue works with canines in pounds that will be put down if they are not rehomed within seven days, but has struggled to save the animals because of rising costs, according to Mancunian Matters.

Saving the pets costs around £8 per day but because of rising numbers of strays – they are often unable to keep the dogs from being destroyed.

Coryn Shields, manager of Rochdale Dog Rescue, said: “Few people realise that many healthy dogs through no fault of their own are being destroyed if not claimed within a week. There are so many dogs being abandoned and it costs a fortune to home them.”

One of the main problems is that a huge number of Staffordshire Bull Terriers, which have become popular with many young males who use the canines for protection, are being left for dead by owners who often find the financial liability of ownership too great.

Those interested in rehoming a pet from Rochdale Dog Rescue should contact 01953 602379.

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