Royal Mail combats dog attacks with help from Dogs Trust

The Dogs Trust charity is stepping up its canine training programmes in support of the Royal Mail’s Dog Awareness Week (July 15th to 19th), which recently concluded.

Postal workers have long been comically associated with a fear of being attacked by pets, but the Royal Mail said the problem is serious and can result in severe injuries for those on the receiving end of a bite.

In recognition of these problems the Dogs Trust will install more letterboxes across its 18 rehoming centres.

The utility is used to teach canines how to react to a new person entering their territory and it is hoped some of the more volatile breeds, including Staffordshire Bull Terriers, will benefit from this training.

Dogs Trust officials also held a question and answer session last week that helped owners find out how to get their pets to be less aggressive when mail comes through the door.

Clarissa Baldwin, chief executive of the Dogs Trust, said: “[We have] long supported the need to keep postal and other community workers safe whilst they are performing their jobs and we are delighted to [have helped] this latest Royal Mail initiative.”

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