Left pawed dogs more aggressive

Left pawed dogs have been found to be significantly more likely to show signs of aggression to humans.

This is according to research from the University of Adelaide, which found dogs who prefer to use their left paws for day-to-day actions showed higher levels of violent behavior towards strangers.

Around 75 dogs were involved in the study, including labradors, border collies, shetland sheepdogs and golden retrievers. None of the animals that took part had a history of notable violence.

Dogs were put in front of a cylindrical object and required to use a paw to access the food inside. The canine’s paw preference was recorded from this action.

Scientists have linked this to the fact the left paw is controlled by the right side of the brain, which is subject to more negative emotions, with similar findings previously found in humans.

Dr Luke Schneider, lead researcher on the project, said: “The left pawed dogs scored almost twice as high [in aggression] as ambilateral [canines] and also higher than dogs with right paws.”

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