Dog owners reminded not to feed pets raisins

Dog owners should bear in mind the repercussions of feeding their pets raisins and grapes after one pooch almost died after consuming a packet of raisins.

Five-year-old labrador Charlie required emergency treatment after chowing down the treats, which he discovered lying on a kitchen worktop.

According to his owner Louise Middleton, she was told to expect the worst after her pet suffered kidney failure, but luckily vets at Edinburgh University’s Royal Dick Vet School were able to save his life after carrying out tricky surgery.

Ms Middleton said the specialists “did amazingly well” to keep Charlie alive, but the bill for surgery, dialysis, drugs, scans and intensive care came to £8,000.

A spokesperson from the Royal Dick Vet School claimed the pooch almost died because foods like raisins, grapes and currants can cause severe kidney failure in dogs, so Charlie had to be treated with peritoneal dialysis to clear his organs of toxic products.

The incident serves as a warning to other dog owners not to feed their pets raisins and if they’re not sure what they should be feeding their pooch, they should check with their vet.

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