Research key when buying a dog

People looking at dogs to buy should make sure they know as much as possible about their chosen breed before purchasing. This is according to Nick Honour, canine behaviour specialist at The Behaviour Company, who said prospective pet owners should never choose a dog “on looks alone”.

Although the appearance of certain dog breeds may be more appealing, people also need to understand the requirements of their chosen animal, Mr Honour explained. This means taking factors such as the amount of living space and exercise they need into consideration.

“If you can’t meet its basic needs then you are asking for trouble later down the line,” he said. “I would always advise reading as much about your chosen breed as you can but also make the effort to speak with trainers, owners and breeders.”

With spring approaching, Mr Honour also advised dog owners to make sure their garden is a safe place for their pet. He explained that common pest control substances such as slug pellets can be ingested by dogs with potentially fatal consequences, while some plants are toxic to animals.

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