Chinese city uses dogs to predict earthquakes

The Chinese city of Nanchang has started a programme where dogs are being used to attempt to predict earthquakes.

Officials in the city announced on Tuesday (May 7th) dogs were being used to try and predict earthquakes – a plan driven by the unproven belief animals feel earthquakes before humans do.

No earthquake prediction method has ever been proven to work reliably enough to provide ample early warning time for those in affected areas.

In 2011 the International College of Economics and Finance published a report that concluded: “There is no credible scientific evidence that animals display behaviours indicative of earthquake-related environmental disturbances that are unobservable by the physical and chemical sensor systems available to earthquake scientists.”

Nanchang is in the Eastern province of Jiangxi, close to Sichuan, which has been plagued by earthquakes in recent times, with one tremor in April 2013 killing more than 200 and leaving over 100,000 homeless.

Another powerful jolt in 2008 killed nearly 70,000 people and left 4.8 million people homeless, more than four times as many as the 2011 Tohoku earthquake that devastated parts of Japan.

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