Dog has facelift to correct breathing problem

Most people associate cosmetic surgery with mega-rich, vain celebrities, but there are occasions when a facelift can improve the health of humans and animals.

Storm – a two-year-old bulldog – recently went under the knife for corrective facial surgery, the South Wales Evening Post reports.

Although it is rare to hear of a pooch having a facelift, this particular procedure was required to help the dog breathe more freely.

Storm had a flap of skin that hung over her nostrils and this made it difficult for her to catch her breath.

Vet Stephanie Marshall said the condition is not uncommon in bulldogs, but this case was especially bad and the surgery will make a huge difference to Storm’s quality of life.

“If left untreated she could have developed severe skin infections which would cause her a great deal of discomfort,” Ms Marshall was quoted as saying.

Generally, this particular breed is susceptible to skin infections, so it is important that owners keep a close eye on their pet.

Bulldogs are also prone to eyesight problems and Storm is scheduled to have further surgery on her eyelids in order to improve her vision.

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