Pet treadmill looks for funding

The company behind PetTread, a treadmill for fat cats and dogs, is looking to crowdfunding website KickStarter to get enough money to develop its unique invention.

Maweejik LLC, a New York based design company owned by John Gosson, is looking for $110,000 (£72,000) to fund its PetTread idea.

KickStarter allows inventors or business owners to introduce their undeveloped prototypes to consumers and ask them for money to develop the idea, with most businesses returning the favour by promising to send a finished version of the product in return for the money.

Mr Gosson said he was inspired to make the treadmill after he noticed that his ten-year-old cat was slightly overweight.

Knowing that he could not walk the pet, which disliked being leashed, he decided to try and create a treadmill that would suit the cat’s exercise needs.

Despite Mr Gosson’s product only being on KickStarter for one day, it has so far received more than $1,000 of its goal with 44 days left.

The company hopes to distribute the PetTread by May 2014, although many crowdfunded projects are prone to delays.

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