Bulldog swaps dog food for chicken and sweet potatoes

A French bulldog that is allergic to dog food has each meal especially cooked for him by his owner.

Preeti Young, from west London, cooks chicken, sweet potatoes, salmon and brown rice for Blake the bulldog, as he comes out in a rash if fed traditional dog food, according to the Daily Mail.

Ms Young eats at the same time as Blake, and frequently the same food; at a cost of £1,800 per year.

His owner said: “He is worth it. I have to do it…if I have to go out I will cook his food and make him a little packed lunch.”

Ms Young took her canine companion to see a dermatologist after he reacted badly to dog food. It transpired that he was allergic to beef, lamb, cow’s milk and even barley. Ms Young consequently tried to feed him human food as “it was pretty horrible when he was scratching all the time – it was quite distressing to see”.

Ms Young revealed that she spends approximately £10,000 a year on Blake, describing herself as an extravagant person.

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