Dog hailed a hero after saving cat

A dog has been praised after saving the life of a cat.

The Stoke Sentinel reports that Toby the golden retriever alerted his owner to the whereabouts of white feline Stewart, who had been missing for the last 24 hours.

Stewart had hidden underneath a bush after he had apparently been hit by a car and had suffered a broken leg, while his pelvis had also been separated from his spine.

However, loyal Toby came to the rescue after finding his injured housemate in the back garden of their home.

The nine-year-old dog raised the alarm before staying with the cat until help arrived.

It is not known whether Toby and Stewart owners had pet insurance, but the five-year-old moggie was swiftly taken to the vets and operated on.

Owner Louise told the Sentinel: “We were lucky Toby was so persistent and constantly barking to get us to come to the bramble where Stewart was.

“Without Toby I believe Stewart would have died,” she added.

The cat is now said to be making a full recovery, despite suffering nerve damage.

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