Dog owners urged to avoid giving pets deadly treats

Dog owners are being warned not to overindulge their pet when it comes to giving them treats. has revealed new research to highlight the risk a pooch faces when it is given something like chocolate as a reward.

The treat’s high sugar content often leads to hyperactivity and an increase in the animal’s heart rate – which can in turn result in seizures and possibly death. Chocolate in larger quantities is also poisonous to dogs – with darker types being more toxic.

Grapes are another human food that should be avoided by dogs, as they can cause dehydration, abnormal drinking and acute kidney failure.’s pet insurance expert Ben Wilson said: “The illnesses that could result from your pets eating these toxic foods would all be very expensive to treat, so when you are considering the health of your animal you should also consider pet insurance.”

He noted that plums, peaches, apricots and cherries were all to be avoided, while it was highly important for owners to monitor what their animal has been eating. Dog insurance was recommended as a backup plan in case the worst does happen.

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