Dog surfing competition gets underway

The world’s premier dog surfing competition has gotten underway in California.

While canines might not be best known for their ability to catch a wave and ride along the seven seas, the little pups involved in this year’s World Famous Surf City Surf Dog Competition were adept at making the most of Huntington Beach’s fantastic conditions this Sunday just passed (September 30th).

The event had a $50 (£30) entry fee, but $10 of this went to a number of charitable websites and those with multiple keyword dogs in different events got a substantial discount.

Even runner-up canines came away with something, as every pooch was given a PAWticipation medal, so nobody left unhappy.

However, the winner has not yet been announced, so dozens of owners across California are waiting on tenterhooks until experts analyse tapes of the surfs and come back with a victor!

While the event might not be possible in the UK, with our freezing cold oceans and small waves, canines across the UK love making the most of the high seas.

But owners must be careful in the winter months that their dog doesn’t get too cold after spending time in a lake or river, as this could cause hypothermia.

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