The most popular dog video of the year

A dog has been honoured for starring in the most discussed YouTube video of the year, simply by being dressed up as a giant spider and let loose on an unsuspecting public.

The video, given the quirkily title of ‘Mutant Giant Spider Dog’ was created by Polish filmaker SA Wardega, and stars a cute little dog… which isn’t so cute when inside its spider costume.

The video includes a variety of clips of unsuspecting people being shocked and scared by what appears to be a terrier-sized spider launching itself out of lifts at them at night, chasing them down underpasses, and scuttling after them through parks.

Of course, when viewed in full day light, as it is shown at the end of the video, the little dog looks anything but terrifying, simply ridiculous in the furry, eight legged costume, and all it wants to do is to say ‘Hi’ to people and get a scratch.

In a blog post, Google, the owner of YouTube, gave a rundown of its top ten talked about videos, taking into account likes, shares and comments, and its top ten viewed music videos.

Mutant Giant Spider Dog has been viewed over 115,000,000 times. Whether or not using a dog for such a scary prank is right or not, it can’t be denied that it is very popular.

The internet loves animals of all shapes and sizes, and the New Year could bring any number of incredible dog videos for us to send to our friends and show colleagues at the water cooler, and next year could see another pet topping the lists.

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