Colourful dogs enjoy their own Rio carnival

Approximately 100 dogs enjoyed a day out at a pre-Carnival bash in Rio de Janeiro.

The canines were dressed in a vast array of colours by their owners at the event that is locally known as the Blocao – a play on the words ‘bloco’ (street party) and ‘cao’ (dog).

Several dogs wore tiny tutus, a few were dressed up like Snow White and one had a forehead full of Indian bindis.

“The animal excitement is taking over Copacabana,” said Blocao organiser Marco Antonio Toto. “The neighbourhood of Copacabana currently has the most dog owners per square metre. It deserves this prestigious party. Our animals deserve this celebration.”

A brass band and a singer started the celebrations with a performance of Rio’s anthem Cidade Maravilhosa – which translates as ‘Marvellous City’ – as dog owners gathered together on the beach.

One cat was spotted, riding safely away from the canines on top of its owner’s shoulders, wearing blue angel wings.

Rio is currently holding numerous street parties in the lead up to the world-famous Carnival, which starts on February 28th.

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