Derry Council urges people to be better dog owners

Michael Duddy, Derry’s principal dog warden, is urging individuals who have a dog to be “better dog owners”.

The canine expert has been supporting a campaign across local schools and groups that has been educating children about the responsibility of owning a pooch and what exactly that entails.

In another effort to promote responsible dog ownerships, Derry City Council is hosting a dog license amnesty this month, offering people with canine companions the chance to come forward and get their dogs licensed, the Derry Journal reports.

Enda Cummins, Derry City Council’s principal environmental health officer, remarked that there has been a “big shift” in the culture surrounding having a dog.

“Every dog needs a good home, but not every home needs a good dog,” added Mr Duddy. “Sometimes, even with the best of intentions, people may not have the kind of lifestyle which would allow them to care properly for a dog.”

While there may have been improvements in the way many people are looking after their loyal companions, there are still many who are not sensible about dog ownership – something the council is aiming to tackle.

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