Dog food labelling said to be ambiguous

A leading brand of dog food has been found to contain just four per cent meat, according to a former industry expert.

Mr Jackson, who used to work as a nutritionist for a number of pet food companies, has set up the website to help dog owners evaluate how healthy the food they are buying for their canine friend actually is.

During his investigation, he discovered the Bakers Complete Chicken and Vegetable meal – advertised as succulent moist chicken – lists unidentified meat and animal derivatives in the chunk as making up 26 per cent, with chicken making up just four per cent of this total.

He said: “For so long, pet food manufacturers have been able to get away with producing, frankly, awful foods for our pets.

“The most successful foods in the UK all have two things in common – low grade ingredients and elevated prices.”

He also found that some dog foods contain excessively large quantities of sugar, salt, oils and food colouring.

Bakers issued a statement saying all of its products comply with the strict UK and EU legislation for pet food, to ensure they are safe and nutritionally balanced.

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