Majority of dog owners buy premium food for their pet

Despite the economic climate, three-quarters of dog owners are still choosing to buy premium food for their canine companion.

A survey revealed that 74 per cent of dog owners are splashing out on the best quality food, according to PR Web. In addition, 28 per cent of animal lovers are buying certain food to cater for their canine’s specific conditions such as skin problems, weight, sensitive stomachs and old age.

The statistics showed that the majority of those with pets were more concerned about the quality of food their dog would be eating, as opposed to the cost or brand. Three-fifths (61 per cent) prioritised quality, while just nine per cent went for cost and seven per cent chose brand.

A spokesperson for GJW Titmuss said: “People aren’t shy when it comes to spending money on their pet and making sure that their health remains positive, which is fantastic to see.”

Dog owners are tending to buy their pet’s food online, with 85 per cent solely using the internet and the rest using a combination of the internet, supermarkets and pet stores. Only one per cent purchase food from the vets.

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