Campaign for Dogs on the Eurostar

A campaign has been launched to get dogs a ticket on the Eurostar.

Pets Pyjamas is a website that sells all manner of useful and fashionable pet products, from toys to treats to collars, and they have set up a campaign in an attempt to allow people to take their favourite companions across the channel with them on holiday.

The petition needs 100,000 signatures by September 30th and will then go to the House of Commons for discussion.

A spokesman for Pets Pyjamas said: “Trains allow pets either side of the Channel and by car through the Eurotunnel, but for those without a vehicle, there is little option.

“A pet-friendly Eurostar carriage allowing pet owners to travel with their dog, without affecting the quality of travel for other passengers would provide much requested service.”

Campaigners claim that 90 percent of dog owners took their pets away with them last year when they went on holiday. The pet travel industry is supposedly the fastest growing section of the £2.7 billion per year pet sector.

If you have ever been frustrated by an inability to get away with your four legged friend, or just think that it is a really good idea, you can find the petition on the government’s e-petition website.

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