First Day of Crufts

Crufts 2014 has kicked off today (6th March) and unfortunately the weather hasn’t made things easy for the pooches and their owners as they arrived at the NEC in Birmingham this morning.

Rain can be a disaster for dogs entered into the best in breed competitions, and there was plenty, with the grey skies giving a constant downpour of rain.

Many dog owners were prepared however and kitted their dogs out in onesies and wellies to protect their fur from the drizzle and puddles.

Entry isn’t guaranteed however. Dogs and their owners have to have passed a Kennel Club Championship show in a previous year to be allowed entry, making the top prizes all the more hard earned.

The coveted Best in Show prize is the highlight of every year, with every dog competing to the height of their categories, and then going head to head with all the other winners.

Last year, a dog called Jilly, a Petit Basset Griffon Vendeén, won the Best in Show, beating 20,000 other dogs. The prize money for the award is only £100, but it is the pride that the owners get that is the real reward, seeing their hard work training and grooming fully pay off.

The competition will run until the 9th of March.

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