Angry backlash at police officer for shooting non aggressive dog

A horrific incident involving a Texas police officer using fatal force against an apparently aggressive dog has set the internet on fire this week, as a video was released which indicates all may not have been as the officer claimed.The unnamed officer was called to a scene in Cleburne, Texas as a motorists phoned to say they could not get out of their car on a residential street because three vicious dogs were threatening them.

The loose pit bulls belonged to a woman named Amanda Henderson, who lived nearby.

The officer claimed that one of the dogs, became vicious when he arrived and rushed at him, to which he responded by shooting the pet.

There would normally be no reason to dispute the officer’s claims, especially as pit bulls have been known to turn nasty. But Mrs Henderson requested the footage that was recorded on the body camera that the officer was wearing.

The footage showed a pit bull running up to an officer round the side of a house, wagging its tail and acting friendly.

Another piece of footage showed an officer walking round the back of some houses to a ditch, whistles to two more dogs below him on a grassy bank.

The dogs are attracted to the noises that he makes, but then he lifts his pistol, and shoots three times at the animals, who were arguably displaying no signs of threatening behaviour.

Mrs Henderson described the act as murder, saying “I see him murdering my puppy, our family… our dog.”

The police commented that the footage was not representative of the situation.

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