The Big Snail Count initiative to help protect pets from lungworm

A campaign driven by Bayer Animal Health called The Big Snail Count is spreading across the UK, raising awareness for animal health relating to the lungworm parasite.

After the weather we have been having recently, there has been a large increase in the amount of slugs and snails that are loitering around in our gardens and making a nuisance of themselves!

However, they can present dangers to more than just our plants. Dogs and even cats can become infected by lungworm because of snails and slugs, and unfortunately the infection can be fatal if not treated correctly.

Snails and slugs can carry the lungworm parasite, which can then be left in their slime trail, or ingested by any pets that eat the slugs or snails. Therefore an increase in the numbers of these garden molluscs, pose an increased risk to dogs.

The Big Snail Count is a nationwide movement to get everyone out in their garden to count all the snails and slugs that they can find.

As part of a larger research project that will be ongoing throughout 2015, the numbers collected from the nation will help to look into the problem of lung worm, the way it can affect pets and how they can be better protected.

A video is available on YouTube, explaining all about how you can help out, or you can check out the It’s a Jungle Out There Facebook page for more information.

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