Chris Packham hosts a live web show with vital information for dog owners

A lot of the time, people take their pets to the vets only when they become ill, not realising that preventative health care is just as important and can save our pets a lot of discomfort (and save us money on expensive treatments later on!)

After the long dry summer coupled with the mild autumn, there are likely to be a lot of ticks and mites around between now and the end of the year, ticks and mites that can affect your dogs!

As we crank up the heating in our homes, as the weather gets cooler, tick eggs can find themselves in the perfect environment to hatch and infect our canine friends.

Chris Packham and leading vet Paul Sands are hosting a live show on the 23rd of September at 13:00 GMT that can help you out, answer your questions and give you all the help you need to keep your pets tick and disease free throughout the autumn and winter months.

To view the show, which is hosted on the MSD Animal Health Live Shows YouTube channel, go to: on 23 September at 13:00.

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