Campaign to protect livestock from aggressive dogs after vicious attacks

In a slight twist on the regular dog attacks that make it into the news, a campaign has been launched in Hartlepool after a series of aggressive dog attacks against livestock.

A series of attacks occurred on livestock on a farm on the outskirts of the town, leaving two sheep dead and another four injured.

As a result, a campaign has been launched to try and hammer home the importance of keeping dogs under control, even when out in the country.

People in the area have been urged to contact the police if they see dog owners putting livestock at risk. All six sheep belong to the same farmer, and therefore has affected his livelihood.

“We are now in the lambing season and it’s important that dog owners keep their dogs on a lead at all times,” said the farmer who wished to stay unnamed.

“It is not a pleasant situation when livestock is killed and it can be prevented very easily. Often people will see a big field and think there is no livestock present but they are often sheltering or hiding behind a hedge and before you know it they can be in a very threatening situation.”

Dogs that are socialised and trained well from young will be unlikely to become aggressive towards a stranger, be it a human or an animal. However, you can never be too careful, and so, especially during the season when there are young and vulnerable livestock around, please take extra care when walking out in the country.

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