Two sportsmen attacked by dogs

It has been an unlucky few days for sports players and dogs, as a football player in Brazil, and a rugby player for Italy have met the meaner side of two dogs.

Due to a “slight domestic incident”, Italian rugby star Martin Castrogiovanni, is likely to miss Saturday’s Six Nation’s game.

The 18 stone Prop was brought down by a friend’s dog which bit him on the nose, requiring a trip to the hospital and fourteen stitches. This has most likely taken him out of the game on Saturday, which is a blow to the Italian team in the Six Nations Championship.

On the other side of the world, a Brazilian football player, Joao Paulo, found himself on the nasty end of a biting dog.

Unlike Castrogiovanni, however, Paulo got himself bitten during a match.

Playing against Tupi in the state championship, Paulo ran off-pitch to collect the ball, when one of the police dogs attending the game went for his arm.

After being bandaged up by medics, Paulo returned to the game, where his team eventually lost 1-0.

Following the match however, he was taken to hospital for an anti-rabies injection.

These events, although isolated, remind us how important it is to raise dogs effectively and socialise them correctly so as to prevent these kinds of events. Often, the attitudes of dogs reflect the attitude of the owners towards their pets, so remember that a dog is forever, and not just until the novelty wears off.

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