Dog left at train station with a suitcase of his belongings

One little dog has made it into the headlines this week, having been sadly abandoned in a train station. Left tied to a rail, the Shar-Pei cross breed was somewhat reminiscent of Paddington Bear, as, left alongside him, was a suitcase full of his belongings. The only thing missing was a label reading “please look after this dog.”

However, instead of being left at Paddington station, the pup was left at Ayr train station in Scotland. Luckily, the dog was quickly picked up by Scotland’s Animal Welfare Charity (SPCA), and read the microchip the Shar-Pei crossbreed had been fitted with.

Through the microchip, the charity learned that the dog’s name is Kai, and that he is between 2 and 3 years old. The suitcase he was left with contained his pillow, his toys, a food bowl and some dog food.

Through the microchip, SCPA were able to contact some of Kai’s previous owners, who said that they had sold Kai on Gumtree in 2013. They were unable to provide contact details of the person to whom they sold the dog.

Inspector Stewart Taylor commented that the case highlighted how dangerous selling animals online can be. Online shopping has many benefits, but it also promotes impulse buying, and when combined with animal selling, can lead to people who know very little about animals or how to care for them properly suddenly burdened with the responsibilities of a pet.

This unfortunately can lead to mistreatment or abandonment of the animals.

“Regardless of the fact Kai was left with his belongings, this was still a cruel incident and we are keen to identify the person responsible,” said Inspector Taylor.

If the owner of Kai can’t be contacted, the chances of getting him re-homed are promising however, especially with the widespread publicity about him.

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