Dog overlooked by 14K potential homes

One poor seven year old dog has finally had his happy ending, having been adopted by a loving family after over 14,000 people passed him by.

Not through any fault of his own. Residing at a Dogs Trust rescue centre in Darlington, Jed, a black Lurcher, had been overlooked for adoption by a suitable family, mostly, the Trust says, because of how people come looking for a puppy.

However, 80% of dogs at these kinds of rescue centres are reported to be past the puppy stage, with a lot of mid-age and elderly dogs still in need of a good home. Jed was especially unlucky, having been adopted by several families by returned due to changes in circumstances that had nothing to do with him.

With an estimated 14,000 people coming through the Dogs Trust rescue centre where Jed lived since he was taken there at just 4 months old, this dog’s story hammers home the point that older dogs need love too, and aren’t necessarily getting it.

Jed has now finally been adopted by a loving couple who “are really looking forward to the future with Jed. After so long without a home [they] can’t wait to make 2015 as special as possible for him.”

If you are looking into getting a dog, don’t disregard rescue dogs if they are slightly older. All dogs need a loving family, and you can supply that to one who has possibly been overlooked for years.

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