Dog dies in car on hot day as owners go shopping

A 14-month old Boxer dog, called Fidji, has died after being left in an extremely hot car for four hours whilst its owners were shopping in Ikea in northern Spain.

Reports suggest it belonged to a French family, who were travelling to Spain for a wedding, and stopped to buy a gift at Ikea. A video was captured of the moment when the dying dog was discovered and people tried to save it.

A passer-by noticed Fidji in the back of the car, panting and struggling in the heat. He smashed the window to get to Fidji, and a bottle of water was thrown over the dog in an attempt to treat it.

Unfortunately being left in the boiling hot vehicle for four hours had taken its toll, and Fidji died later that day due to internal bleeding, in spite of a three hour operation in an attempt to save the poor dog.

Many dog owners fail to realise that simply opening the windows of a car and parking in the shade are not enough to prevent heat exhaustion if a dog is left in the car.

The RSPCA website states: “When it’s 22 degrees, in a car it can reach an unbearable 47 degrees within the hour.”

You should never leave a dog in a car unattended, no matter how quick you are going to be.

If you see a dog left trapped in a car, the RSPCA say on their website “Don’t be afraid to dial 999, the police will inform us if animal welfare assistance is required.”

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