Bayer Animal Health highlight stigma of fleas in dog owners

Dog owners are embarrassed about flea infestations, they fear what other pet owners will think of them, and they worry about what an infestation does to the cleanliness of their home, so says research by Bayer Animal Health.

Paul Manktelow, a vet speaking for Bayer Animal Health in their newly released footage regarding the secret lives of fleas, has said that “owners that found parasites in their home were often quite embarrassed, and they felt neglectful,. But it is really important to remember that these outbreaks can be quite common.”

On the other hand, many owners also said that they didn’t take simple precautions to prevent flea infestations. Over half reported having had an infestation in their pet, but only 8 per cent said that the regularly checked their animal for parasites.

Parasites can make us feel squeamish. From fleas to worms, they aren’t a pleasant thought. But they are quite common and part of owning a pet. With the right treatment, however, they can be dealt with easily, you just needs to speak to your vet about it.

Look out for the signs and symptoms of a parasite infestation. If your dog is scratching, licking or chewing a lot, or looks generally discomforted, they may have a flea infection. Similarly, scooting and visible traces of worms in the dog’s stool or around their rear is a sign of a worm infestation.

If in doubt, it is best to check with your vet, who can professionally diagnose and advise the best course of treatment.

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