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Puppy Football Live Stream Set to Help With World Cup Stress

By Alannah Cossey  /  July 4, 2018
The World Cup is extremely exciting for football fans across the globe. Although watching a match with your friends might...
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Britain’s First Hospice for Dogs has been Launched

By Alannah Cossey  /  July 3, 2018
After witnessing the heartbreak of old and terminally ill dogs being abandoned by their owners, 46-year-old Nicola Coyle set up...
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BBQ Foods That You Should Never Feed to Your Dog

By Alannah Cossey  /  June 26, 2018
Summer can be an uncomfortable year for dogs, and although every measure should be taken to help them, some should...
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How to Keep Your dog Cool This Summer

By Alannah Cossey  /  June 26, 2018
People are often given precautions when the summer months approach. Applying sun cream, covering up and staying hydrated are just...
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What Car? Chooses the Perfect Car for Dogs

By Alannah Cossey  /  June 7, 2018
From the 4th to the 10th of June, it is pet appreciation week and the perfect way to do so...
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7 Dog Breeds with The Most Health Issues

By Alannah Cossey  /  May 31, 2018
If you are considering getting a dog, it’s always worth doing your research first. For the most part, you need...
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Designer Dogs Lead to a Rise in Dog Thefts

By Alannah Cossey  /  May 25, 2018
Designer dogs are being blamed for the recent increase in dog thefts. The term “designer dogs” refers to certain breeds...
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Vet who Aided Illegal Puppy Trade Scam Avoids Prison

By Alannah Cossey  /  May 24, 2018
Daniel Doherty, 49, is an English vet who assisted a gang to make millions of pounds in an illegal puppy...
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Charities Urge Repeal of the Dangerous Dog Ban

By Alannah Cossey  /  May 18, 2018
The RSPCA is urging for the repeal of the dangerous dog ban. MPs are now under pressure to change the...
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Don’t Leave Your Dog in a Hot Car This Summer

By Alannah Cossey  /  May 11, 2018
Many of us will have enjoyed the soaring temperatures over the last bank holiday weekend. Whilst this was a well...
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The Rising Trend of Pets in the Workplace

By Alannah Cossey  /  April 12, 2018
As April is National Pet Month, it is a time to celebrate all furry companions. It can be difficult for...
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Marcel le Corgi the Famous Jet Setting Dog

By Alannah Cossey  /  April 6, 2018
Marcel le Corgi is certainly a popular pooch. With over 70,000 followers on Instagram, the five-year-old Pembroke Welsh Corgi is...
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Hot Cross Buns Are a Fatal Treat for Dogs

By Alannah Cossey  /  March 29, 2018
Dog owners are being urged to not feed their pets hot cross buns this Easter. It’s common for people to...
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Why Does the New Legislation for Pet Shops Matter?

By Alannah Cossey  /  February 19, 2018
Recent government legislation will ban the sale of puppies in pet shops. For some, it may be difficult to see...
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Dog Appointed to Sniff out Leaks and Broken Pipes

By Alannah Cossey  /  February 15, 2018
Dogs have proved to be extremely valuable in public life and are known to provide invaluable services such as being...
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