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Would you want a dog that’s not like other dogs? A prodigy of intelligence, history and cat-like mannerisms? Moreover, would you like pet which does not bark?
Sounds strange, right? But there’s really a dog not much like others, and that is the Basenji. The Basenji is said to be one of the most ancient breeds that still exist today. Their breed, which existence dates back in the early tribes of the world, possess unique character. Basenjis are happy, lively, and very intelligent dogs. They are also known to be the ‘barkless dog’ because of the different structure of their larynx. They make weird yodelling sounds that you may find very amusing. Another unique trait of this dog is its hygiene practices. Unlike other dogs, Basenji’s do not like dirt and cleans themselves with their tongue, just like your normal cat.
Apart from the unique characteristics, the Basenji is almost the breed that owners want. He is loyal, quiet and calm, affectionate, playful and very smart; a companion that you would want if you like entertainment and peace at the same time. However, Basenji’s can be very independent and stubborn. If you want to own and train one, you need to know a lot of things.
This guide will give you a run through of the Basenji’s needs and training requirements. We will tackle its history, appearance, behavior, proper care, and more importantly, training. When you want a Basenji, it is sure that you are in for a bumpy and exciting ride, and this guide is here to show you the way.
Are you ready? Let’s go!

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