HOUSEHOLD FLEA KILLING SPRAY FOR DOG,BED,CAT CARPET FURNITURE (500ml)BED BY 151 (SINGLE) Price: £7.95 (as of 19/01/2021 02:57 PST- Details)



Pestshield Household Flea Killer Spray 500ml. Flea Killer with trigger spray. Ideal for pet beds, kennels, carpets and hutches. Contains: 0.20% (w/w) Permethrin. Insecticide for amateur use against fleas, ants, cockroaches, beetles, ticks, earwigs, bedbugs, mites, book lice and moths. For use as a space treatment and as a surface treatment on hard porous surfaces, hard and soft furnishings, upholstered furnishings, carpets, pets bedding and other places where pets lie and into the cracks and crevices and animal bedding in kennels. Not suitable for use on human clothing. Read instructions before use.



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