Weaning a puppy

Weaning a puppy is the important process of changing a puppy’s food and diet from its mother’s milk to a solid feed.

This is a gradual process, and should have already been started by the breeder you purchase the dog from.

Moving a dog onto puppy formula

A lot of experts recommend not letting puppies nurse off their mother after the third week.
The baby dogs should then be moved onto a liquid weaning formula.

By simply presenting the liquid nourishment to the puppy in a shallow container, like a baking pan, then it will begin to lick it up as it smells the nourishment.

Over the next few weeks, the formula should be made more solid and less watery, and can even be mixed with ground up dog food or canned puppy food. Just make sure that the process is gradual so that the puppy can adapt.

Make sure to talk to your vet about a weaning timeline and what brand of weaning formula may be best for your puppy.

Giving your puppy solid dog food

By around six weeks of age, the puppy should be eating four smallish meals a day of puppy food. Dog food can be broken up a bit or soaked in water and mixed in to make sure the puppy can comfortably eat it, and, of course, you need to introduce your puppy to drinking water. You should introduce it early on in the same way as the liquid puppy formula was introduced.

Pay attention to your puppy’s attitude towards food and check for any discomfort, and for healthy stools. If there is any reason you are concerned, make sure to bring it up with your vet.

The dog breeder you are buying the puppy from should have already started weaning the puppy, and be most of the way through the process. Make sure you know where they are in the process and what you need to do to carry on with the weaning.