Akita Dog Facts

Working dog
Exercise Requirement:
Affection Level:
Very protective
Grooming Maintenance:
High, but may self-groom to an extent
Temperature Preference:
Cold - Temperate
Typical Lifespan:
10-12 years

About the Akita

The Akita is a large and powerful breed. It is a strong boned dog and is slightly longer than it is tall. Its build reflects its original purpose: hunting big game through snow and rocky terrain. Not only is it strong enough to plough through snow drifts, but it has a double layered coat; the inner one lies flat to the body, while the outer one sticks out and is courser. These work together to give perfect insulation from both water and the cold.

It is large, usually tan and/or white and may have a darker face. Its tail has a characteristic curl, usually reaching up and over, down to, or beyond, the level of their backs. Its open mouth often makes it look like it is cheerily grinning, and this combined with its lolling tongue can make it look adorably goofy.

The Akita was bred to be powerfully built in order to help Japanese hunters of the 17th century track and hunt bear and deer. The attitude needed for this original job can be seen in its personality today. It is bold, independent and stubborn. However, it applies these to be utterly devoted to its owner family and will protect them. It does require strong obedience training because of this, and may not be able to be let off the lead because of the chance it will run off after game or 'protect' you from other people's dogs.

This breed is often confused with the Shibu Inu, a similar dog from a similar region in Japan. It is also a heavy shedding dog so beware of lots of loose hairs around the home.

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